Welcome! We have a few changes we would like to announce:

We've kept the Same smiling faces, the Same location, but have a slightly different name!

Welcome to the new HTLC!

Unlocking Potential

For the past 23 years, we have been dedicated to providing exceptional tutoring services to students in our area. We are excited to announce the expansion of our offerings to include a range of additional services designed to further support our local community. We are a locally owned business fueled by passion and experience dedicated to high quality services designed to unlock the potential that each individual has.

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ADHD Assessment

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Speech & Language Therapy

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School Testing

Test Prep

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504/IEP Consultation

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Additional Services coming soon!

Academic Tutoring

We specialize in empowering students to excel in their learning journey and cultivate a positive attitude towards education. Our secret lies in personalized one-on-one sessions and the power of consistency. All our tutors work to every student's individual needs. It is important that students are able to demonstrate their knowledge in their classroom with their peers and teachers. We actively communicate with students' teachers and the school curriculum to keep them at grade level and help bridge any gaps necessary. Diagnostic testing is available upon request.

All of our tutors are experienced educators holding degrees and certifications to increase their knowledge of helping your student learn and succeed. Our Tutors are hand-picked by our owner and trained to accomplish the learning needs of your student. We make sure to pair your student with the perfect tutor to meet all their educational and social-emotional needs.

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Test Prep

For over 23 years, we have been dedicated to providing exceptional test prep tutoring, instilling testing confidence in every student. Our expert tutors offer individualized instruction, equipping students with essential test-taking strategies, time-management skills, and academic proficiency.

Higher scores on the ACT can mean the difference between going to college and getting into your dream college. A higher ACT score also increases your chances for scholarships and grants. Let our highly qualified ACT tutors help you earn the extra points that you are capable of!

Need a brush up in a certain academic area? We can help you feel more secure about taking on challenging tasks that lie ahead.

Evaluation & diagnostics of communication-based disorders and treatment in the following areas:

  • Apraxia
  • Articulation/Speech
  • Autism Spectrum
  • AAC Assessment and Treatment
  • Expressive/Receptive Language
  • Language Delay/Minimally Verbal
  • Child & Adult Stuttering
  • Accent Reduction



Speech Therapy

Hannah Baisley, M.S. CCC-SLP, is a certified Speech Language Pathologist with ten years of experience working primarily with pediatric clients across a wide range of speech-language disorders in school and private clinical settings. She takes pride in being a vocal advocate for her clients and their needs.

How can Hannah help your child? If you notice that your child has difficulty expressing themselves using accurate vocabulary, formulating complete sentences, comprehending directions, or difficulty being understood by family and friends, speech therapy can help secure the foundation for future growth. Hannah can provide parent coaching and focused therapy interventions that effectively target areas in need of support.

Hannah is a member of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association and maintains a Clinical Certificate of Competence. She is also registered and licensed by the Tennessee Board of Health to serve as a Speech Language Pathologist.

ADHD Testing

Our esteemed founder, Mary Beth Scott, is a highly regarded expert in ADHD studies. With her Masters in Psychology, M.ED., CPC, and ADHD-CCSP qualifications, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our center.

At our center, we genuinely know our "stuff" when it comes to ADHD tutoring. We combine evidence-based strategies with a compassionate approach to address the specific needs of individuals with ADHD. Our goal is to create a space where students can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.


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Why Choose Us?

We may be partial, but we think we're pretty great. We have the results, reviews, and reputation to prove that Hermitage Therapy & Learning Center could be your perfect solution.

  • We are a locally owned small business of 23 years that takes pride in both our tutors and students.
  • We specialize in 1:1 tutoring
  • We don't push curriculum on you. We assess your needs and teach to you right were you are with the content you are needing help in the most.
  • We know each student and build relationships. You are not just a number to us.
  • We don't require a contract. The amount of sessions and time with us is completely up to you.
  • We have amazing relationships with local schools! We are always happy to contact teachers individually if that will meet a student's need.

Our Mission

Hannah Baisley M.M, M.S. CCC-SLP

Owner, Hermitage Therapy & Learning Center

Mary Beth Scott, M.Ed., MS, CPC, ADHD-CCSP

Founder, Hermitage Learning Center

We are dedicated to the academic well being of students of all ages. Our mission is to provide high quality specialized services closer to our community that we believe help students achieve academic and life success.

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Join Us

If you are an experienced tutor or a pediatric service provider, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you at the Hermitage Therapy & Learning Center! Please don't hesitate to reach out and let's explore how we can work together to provide exceptional services and support to those we serve.

Currently seeking:



Part time/PRN Occupational Therapist